Skin Trust PLUS+

Create your own skin clones and use to design your own unique skincare routine.

Skincare Based On Science

Skin Trust PLUS+ allows you to get actively involved in designing the best skincare routine possible for your unique skin microbiome.

How? We clone your skin and create exact replicas of your skin microbiome in our labs so you can work with our scientists testing and designing the very best skincare routines and product formulations for you.

How It Works

3 Simple Steps

  • Order the Skin Trust PLUS+ Microbiome Collection Kit

  • Take a swab and place in the household freezer for 24 hours

  • After 24 hours and at a time convenient to you, a courier will come and collect it

Skin Trust PLUS+ comes with access to a secure portal that takes you through the steps of sampling your skin microbiome for cloning. The sampling swab is a specially formulated cotton bud which you rub on your face.

With our special packaging your skin microbiome sample stays viable for 48 hours. Once we receive the sample, it is transplanted onto blank skin that we’ve grown specially for you, creating exact clones of your skin microbiome.

Order Your Microbiome Collection Kit

Features and Benefits

Regular consultations with scientists and dermatologists.

Understand your lifestyle and how it impacts your skin.

Assess your current skin care routine and the products and therapeutics you use.

Get a view of your skin health and where it needs improving.

Understand your goals with your skin healthcare routines.

Get your input into products, creams and therapeutics that you feel comfortable with.

Virtual access to our labs and scientists via secure portal.

Powered By Science

Science, technology and skincare combine.

Personalised Skincare Routines

“At Skin Trust Club, we use a combination of advanced Sequencing technologies, Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to estimate your microbiome balance score.”

Dr. David Caballero-Lima

Labskin / Skin Trust Club

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