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Skin Trust Club is the first consumer friendly at-home skin microbiome test. We provide a personalised report on the skin health of our consumer, along with skincare routines and suggestions that suit their unique skin profile.

More than just a questionnaire, Skin Trust Club is created by our team of scientists and our unique use of genomic sequencing and Artificial Intelligence.


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Skin Trust Club

15+ years of skin microbiome science research.

Skin Trust Club is powered by Labskin, a company with 15+ years of skin microbiome science research featured in over 30 scientific publications.

This scientific pedigree is invaluable in providing Skin Trust Club partners with an in-depth analysis of how their products and even potential formulations could impact the microbiome.

Labskin has over 15 years experience in producing human skin equivalents, testing products for the world’s leading skincare brands. The Labskin HSE (Human Skin Equivalent) is a viable alternative to animal based testing as well as a cost effective option to in-vivo trials.

Labskin has developed the first ‘microbiome-friendly’ consumer standard. Redefining the future of skincare with strict standards, the seal certifies, through extensive testing, products that maintain the skin microbiome when used for cosmetic purposes.

“Aurelia London are absolutely thrilled to partner with Skin Trust Club as it is such a natural alliance – we have been pioneers in probiotic skincare since 2013 and Skin Trust Club is built on discovering your skin’s microbiome and what this colony of microbes can tell you about your skin. Aurelia London believes in working with the skin on a deeper level and supporting it by boosting its natural immunity, managing inflammation and enhancing repair. This combined with the insights Skin Trust Club gives you into your skin type and the challenges your skin faces provides you with a holistic approach to taking care of your skin.”

Antonia Knox

Head of Brand, Aurelia London & Swisse UK

Microbiome ‘Skinsights’

Skin Trust Club has developed a fully automated end to end workflow incorporating bioinformatics, cloud based analysis as well as 16s sequencing in order to analyse our customer’s microbiome samples and bring our unique skin health reporting to life.

Skin Trust Club’s swab kit, combined with our powerful bioinformatics pipeline yields advanced microbiome insights not seen anywhere else.

Partners can manage portfolios, engage with consumers and monitor sales via our easy to use dashboard.

Microbiome results along with hyper-location data from mobile devices provide an unrivaled understanding of consumers skin.

Partnering with the world’s first skin microbiome at home test, your brand can offer a scientifically proven personalised solution to consumers with your current product range in the USA, UK and Europe.

We suggest skincare routines using your products that are scientifically proven to support the consumer’s unique skin type and protect their skin microbiome, promoting skin health.

Why Become a Partner?

Access to new markets and significant media spend.

We have a significant footprint in Ireland, the UK and the USA and have a digital marketing campaign launching this year in all of our markets.

We are partnering with high-profile influencers and journalists to support our launch campaign in 2022 that will highlight our partner products.

We only recommend your products to consumers that will benefit from them. This creates a positive brand experience for your products and connects you to your consumer in an authentic way.

Based on our in-depth microbiome insights we can help you identify and develop new product opportunities in the microbiome skincare market.

We partner with leading microbiome friendly brands across the globe that are creating revolutionary products with our Microbiome Seal of Approval.


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