Your skin microbiome – the ecosystem of bacteria and other microorganisms living on it – plays a vital role in your skin and general health. While the skin microbiome composition is formed during the first moments after birth, many factors can affect it, including pollutants, lifestyle, diet, and skincare. We know that microbiome balances – and imbalances – are directly linked to skin health.

At Skin Trust Club, we utilise a combination of cutting-edge technologies, AI models, and Bioinformatics to understand your skin microbiome – and calculate an easy-to-understand score. Finding out your microbiome score is the first step towards better skin health – learn more about it and what it can do for you below.

What is the Skin Trust Club Microbiome Score?

The Skin Trust Club Microbiome Score is a score from 1 to 100 that describes the quality and composition of your skin microbiome.

Each microbiome is unique: it has different mites, bacteria, and other living microorganisms on it. Usually, these microorganisms are in balance with each other, can regulate functions such as sebum production, and fight off bacteria.

These ecosystems vary depending on the area of the body where the sample is taken. For example, the areas of the skin near glands or in darker moister sites (such as your armpits) will be different from the skin on your face cheeks. However, the cheeks are the area most exposed to the external environment and are a good representation of any imbalances that your skin might be suffering from.

After receiving your Skin Trust Club test, our scientists will analyse it to understand the number and quality of living microorganisms on your skin. If there is a balance between the different organisms and your skin is healthy, you will receive a score closer to 100. Conversely, a lower score corresponds to microbiome imbalances that you can address, thanks to a bespoke Skin Trust Club skincare routine.

How is the microbiome score generated?

Once you send your at-home skin microbiome swab test to our labs, our in-house team of scientists apply a 6-step process to create a map of your skin. Then, through DNA Extraction and Sequencing – and by using the latest AI analysis technique – we can understand the precise composition of your skin microbiome.

Once our analysts assess the data from our lab, we can create a unique score for your skin, which describes any balances – or imbalances – of microorganisms living on your skin. Our highly accurate multi-class AI classifier model allows the classification of your skin type and generation of your Skin Trust Club microbiome score.

How does knowing your microbiome score help your skin?

After taking the test, you will receive a score describing your skin microbiome.

  • 80 – 100: your skin microbiome is well-balanced and your skin can be seen as healthy or “normal”.
  • Below 80: your skin might be described as dry or sebaceous, depending on the AI model analysis of your microbiome composition.

If your skin is healthy, understanding your score is essential to maintain a balanced and adequate routine. If you have been experiencing breakouts and flare-ups of skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, or eczema, knowing your microbiome score can be an excellent starting point to address and resolve these conditions.

Find out your microbiome score with the Skin Trust Club test

Whether you consider your skin to be healthy or actively looking to find a solution for a skin condition affecting your health, the microbiome score can give you valuable insights into your skin composition. Order your Skin Trust Club test today and enjoy 15% off to kickstart your journey towards healthier skin.