Our Skin Trust Club team had a fantastic time at the Future Beauty Show in Dublin on 5th-6th March 2022. Between meeting so many interested members of the public, explaining how our microbiome skin test works, and meeting lots of exciting new brands we were kept very busy.

Keep reading to find out what we got up to!

What Is The Future Beauty Show?

This immersive one-of-a-kind event is designed to give consumers the opportunity to learn all about the latest cosmetic procedures and beauty treatments from the experts themselves. Medical professionals and leading industry experts feature in panel discussions, demonstrations and presentations, as well as offering advice on how best to tackle your body or skin concerns.

Skin Trust Club was right at home here in this gathering of high tech, cutting edge developments in the beauty industry. Using science and technology, we help our members to truly understand their skin type, build a bespoke skincare routine, and track their progress when using new products or treatments, all on our app. As one of the lovely visitors to our stand said ‘Now that is a scientific skincare innovation!’

Introducing Skin Trust Club

At Skin Trust Club, we want to help you understand your skin so that you can look and feel your best. Our 15 years of skin science expertise has allowed us to truly understand the importance of your unique skin microbiome. Your skin microbiome is made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms on your skin. These tiny organisms play a huge role in your skin health and determining your skin type and needs. 

The World’s First Consumer Microbiome Test

The Future Beauty show was the perfect event for us to showcase our revolutionary, science-backed skincare service in Ireland for the very first time.

Our Group Marketing Officer Niamh O’Kennedy and Scientific Skincare Advisor Tracey Ryan introduced Skin Trust Club on the Future Beauty show demo stage. They presented the concept of microbiome skin testing to an eager audience and demonstrated how to do our simple at-home skin swab. After this demo, there was a great influx of visitors to our stand wanting to find out more and get signed up for a test of their own.

Decoding Your Skin Type

We may be a little biased, but one of our highlights was watching our Head of R&D Dr. David Caballero-Lima on the main stage as one of the panel experts. He discussed “Decoding your skin type and the best anti-aging regimes and treatments for each type” alongside some of Ireland’s leading dermatologists: Dr. Caitriona Ryan and Dr. Nikki Ralph.

David explained the importance of understanding your skin type before starting any treatments, and how the microbiome is a great indicator of what is going on at a deeper level in your skin. He spoke about skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis and how tracking and balancing the skin’s microbiome can play a real role in helping with these skin conditions.

Meeting Our Members

We had such a great time meeting our Irish followers and Skin Trust Club members. Our Scientific Skincare Adviser, Tracey Ryan, was on hand at our stand to answer anything and everything about the skin microbiome, microbiome-friendly skincare and the Skin Trust Club. We were delighted with the amount of you that have been following us on social media and tuning in every Thursday at 7pm to watch our Masterclasses on Instagram Live. We can’t wait to welcome all the new members who signed up to Skin Trust Club after meeting us at the Future Beauty show!

Our Skin Microbiome Swab Test

Skin Trust Club skincare recommendations are based on science, not guesswork. To make this possible, we have developed an easy to use at-home microbiome swab test kit. Simply download our skin health tracking app, follow the kit instructions to swab the outside of your cheek for one minute and send it back to our lab for analysis!

For a limited time only, we are offering a free trial of our microbiome test kit.
Sign up for your free trial here: https://www.skintrustclub.com/skin-microbiome-kit-offer/