Skin Trust Club is excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for not one, but two awards at the Pure Beauty Awards London 2021. Pure Beauty is the UK’s leading magazine for high street beauty and fragrance retailers. Our nominations are for ‘Best New Skin-Care Brand’ and ‘Best Special Innovation’.

There were over 600 entries in the Pure Beauty Awards and we are delighted to have been selected! As you may know, the winners are chosen by members of the public and we would really appreciate your support, please click here to vote for us for ‘Best New Skin-Care Brand’ and click here for ‘Best Special Innovation’.

Why Skin Trust Club?

Skin Trust Club is powered by Labskin, a world-leading microbiology platform that has been producing lab-grown human skin for over 14 years and using it to test cosmetic and skin health products for the world’s leading brands.

We operate in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities with the latest hi-tech equipment and use advanced technologies to provide a complete profile of the skin microbiome to each and every one of our customers.

Ultimately, we are a skin health tracking app that provides personalised skincare suggestions based on your unique skin microbiome type. We help you understand the type of skin you’re in and how you can care for it. Our personalised skin health reports and skincare suggestions are based on science, location data, UV count, weather and air pollution.

How it works

We gather the data we need from a skin swab sent to us after a customer orders their at-home microbiome test kit. The kit comes with a simple set of instructions that can easily be followed.

When the swab is sent back to our labs, our scientists work their magic! Check out how we do this in our previous blog post here. We use a combination of advanced Sequencing Technologies, Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to estimate your microbiome balance score.

Then, we provide science-based information about your unique skin type on our mobile app (available on both IOS and Android), alongside personalised skincare recommendations which are cruelty-free and skin microbiome friendly.

By using Skin Trust Club services, our customers are not only able to understand the skin they’re in but educate themselves about the importance of keeping their skin microbiome healthy.

Using a Skin Trust Club test will help remove the guesswork when it comes to buying, trying and using beauty products that might or might not work on your skin.

We are delighted to have been nominated for two Pure Beauty awards. Stay tuned to follow our journey and support us (and yourself) by getting your own microbiome test kit today!

And remember please vote for us by clicking here for ‘Best New Skin-Care Brand’ and here for ‘Best Special Innovation’.