A Skin Trust Club Refresh

There have been some changes afoot at Skin Trust Club! You may have noticed, we’ve had a facelift and it’s more than just a lick of paint. Skin Trust Club has gone through a full brand refresh and our app and reports have been redesigned from the ground up to provide much more detailed and beneficial information to help our users understand the secret world of their unique skin microbiomes.

Why the refresh?

As we were looking at all elements of the Skin Trust Club offering we thought it was a good opportunity to refresh the Skin Trust Club brand in parallel with the reports and app development.

Our aims are to:

  • Improve the consumer experience from start to finish
  • Offer deeper insights to position us as the go-to for all things microbiome related
  • Redesign reports to be more detailed, foolproof and tailored to the user
  • Satisfy the ambitions of the company (scalp microbiome test, vaginal microbiome test, whole body, customised cosmetic formulas etc.)
  • Create beneficial content that is useful day-to-day, offering more than a one-time use for the app

The identity

Before delving into the new add-ons and upgraded reports, the visual identity of Skin Trust Club has been updated to appeal to our wide-ranging audience. We’ve introduced a new font family – Helvetica Now – a redrawn and refit version of the iconic typeface, used across all platforms from the text to the logo. We felt our name “Skin Trust Club” was strong enough as is, no need for a big idea or fussy concept, so we have removed our icon and simply set our name stacked in the wonderful Helvetica lettering. A minimalist colour scheme underscores our authority with a less-is-more approach. Together with this emphasis on typography, simplicity and minimalism our personality comes across in our custom photography and unique packaging design.

The report

Easy to understand

From “Proteobacteria” to “Staphylococcus” we understand that science terms can get a little hairy! That’s why our report detail is not only fully researched and referenced by the latest science but is written in a way that everyone can understand. We provide in-depth context about your unique microbes and give practical, no-nonsense tips on how to rebalance their skin environment with personalised skincare recommendations (or keep it in that perfect balanced state as the case may be!).

Skin type

We designed the reports from the ground up to make it clear, concise and packed with info. You’ll discover your definitive skin type and where it sits on the balance scale. What a ‘what to know’ breakdown on each skin type, you’ll learn more about what it means, the pros and cons and what care it requires to boost skin health. Once knowing your skin type, you can delve into the bacteria that’s behind it.


Depending on your microbiome results, the report will propose a new AM and PM skincare routine with products tailored to suit your skin’s needs, ensuring skincare efficacy and helping our users navigate an overwhelming market. Each product will be presented with an overview, ingredients list and certifications, and can be purchased from the brand’s website through our app.


The report now contains a detailed bacteria break-down to educate you on each and every microbe detected in your microbiome sample – backed by on-going research. The information has been thoroughly enhanced to not only present fascinating, scientific facts, but to ensure the microbes are connected with your skin type and what this could mean for your skin health. Each microbe is listed with a percentage to represent how prevalent it is, as well as useful labels to highlight whether it has a protective, disruptive or neutral impact on the skin, based on science and research. This is backed up by expert-led advice on caring for your microbiome, in order to reduce the disruptive members and boost beneficial bacteria.


A new addition to the app is the ingredients library, this go-to breakdown of cosmetic ingredients will outline what they do and their impact on your skin microbiome. Ingredients will be listed by their ‘helpful’, ‘neutral’, and ‘unhelpful’ influence on your exact skin type to allowed for more informed-decisions and better-understand the effect a product may have on your skin. This on-hand tool will help you to read and understand an ingredients list.

Your environment

The app will measure environmental factors like particulate matter and local air quality over longer periods to reveal the level of exposure. Depending on where it sits between low to high, you can learn the impact pollution has on your skin microbiome.

Collagen production

The report provides information on how collagen production influences skin quality over time and is tailored to your age to show the approximate levels for your skin. This is backed-up by useful information and tips to keep skin looking healthy over time.

Skincare tips

To continue to learn, the app will provide regular skincare tips for you and your microbiome. From the impact of medication on your microbes to how your diet can help.

The AI that powers the report

AI can be a scary concept to some. But fear not! Our AI models are incredibly smart and they help our skin scientists to continue to learn more about unique skin type and lesser-known skin conditions – this will improve our knowledge and understanding of caring for the skin microbiome.

The kit redesign

Your Skin Trust Club microbiome collection kit has undergone a makeover. Arriving through your letterbox in style, we have retooled the kit for an improved unboxing experience. Our fully recyclable packaging now contains an outer sleeve and inner shelf that can be removed, revealing a tray that houses the contents of the collection tools. The instructions have been unified and simplified to provide a much cleaner collection experience.

And in the end

There’s a whole team of microbiome advocates involved in the process of your skin microbiome report, including: scientists, scientific advisors, skincare experts, tech wizards, logistic lords and marketing operators. We hope you will enjoy the new Skin Trust Club experience and we hope to continue to help you to truly understand your unique skin microbiome by further developing the research and reports we deliver, as well as the tech and AI that informs it.

If you would like to order your microbiome collection kit, head on over here.