Labskin’s 3D Skin Model Leading The Way

Covid-19’s spread across the globe since the end of 2019 has seen whole continents shut down, one third of the global population out of work and businesses in all industries having to learn how to adapt productively, commercially and financially to ensure their continued existence and survival in the post-pandemic world.

Some companies have adapted immediately to providing essential equipment and services – a far cry from their usual business practices but an excellent model to follow to ensure businesses can survive during a time when so many things are now deemed “non-essential”. Other businesses continue to sell their products, albeit at drastically reduced production levels. Those businesses that had to close their doors temporarily during the worldwide lockdown are now faced with rebuilding their workforce and production lines once they are permitted to reopen their doors.

Published On: January 1st, 2021 / Categories: Skin Microbiome /

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