No one is immune to stress, tiredness, and lack of sleep – especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic. And the fact that the winter months are now fast approaching is not going to help!

Yes, it’s only normal for your skin to bear the signs of stress and tiredness – but there is a lot you can do to look and feel better. Get started with this Skin Trust Club guide.

What’s really behind your dull skin?

You need to investigate the real reasons behind your dull skin – which are not always so obvious! Some common tired-looking skin causes include:

  • High levels of stress
  • Poor sleep
  • Transitioning of seasons and environmental changes
  • Unsuitable skincare products
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices – including limited exercise, alcohol drinking, smoking, or an unhealthy diet
  • Not enough exfoliating or moisturising

Once you understand what factor – or combination of factors – is affecting your skin’s health and appearance, you can make better-informed decisions.

Know your products

The beauty industry is dotted with star chemicals, buzz words, and alternative active ingredients, all claiming to be beneficial for everyone.

But the truth is that each chemical has a certain effect on a person’s skin and its microbiome. You need to make sure that those effects are suitable for your skin type and your own unique microbiome.

The smart choice: A personalised skincare routine

Your skin microbial composition is like your fingerprint – it is unique and can tell a lot about you!

Because of this, no two skincare routines are going to work in the exact same way. That’s why it is so important to find a personalised skincare routine.

After all, the chemicals you apply to your skin, combined with several lifestyle factors and pollutants, will affect the delicate balance of your skin microbiome.

A personalised skincare routine created with your unique microbial diversity in mind won’t just prevent adverse reactions, it will also help you maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Your skin reflects your lifestyle choices

Yes, following a personalised skin routine is essential. But your diet, activity level, and sleep quality are also important factors. That’s why you can get amazing benefits just by switching to a more balanced and nutritious diet that is low in processed and animal-derived foods and high in whole foods, vegetables, nuts, fruit, and legumes.

Don’t forget that your daily steps count, they can also help you design a more active lifestyle and keep you and your skin healthier than ever.

Pay attention to your sleep patterns

Improving your sleep quality and restoring balanced sleep patterns might be one of the best ways to keep that tired look off your face!

Several studies have shown that our circadian rhythm can significantly influence our skin’s immunological response, proneness to inflammation and irritation, and overall look. Make sure, you get the beauty sleep you need!

Start by understanding your skin a little better

When it comes down to rejuvenating your dull, tired-looking skin, you won’t be able to count on a one-size-fits-all formula. In fact, it all truly depends on your skin microbiome. And, since each skin type is unique, so the skincare routine you pick should be.

Here at the Skin Trust Club, we have created an easy at-home test that you can take to learn more about your skin microbiome composition and what ingredients and products can help you rejuvenate and restore your skin.