Have you ever felt like you are unable to control your skin? Sometimes, no matter how strict and careful your skincare routine is, it seems that flare-ups, breakouts, irritations, spots, and oily skin are out of control.

Here’s where Skin Trust Club’s skin microbiome test can help you. Studies have shown how the skin microbiome composition is strictly related to several dermatological conditions – as well as being the main factor to define your skin type.

Thanks to the Skin Trust Club test, you can better understand the skin you’re in, find a skincare routine to bring your skin microbiome back to balance, and achieve smoother and healthier skin. Find the best Skin Trust Club Plan for your skin goals today!

How to choose the best Skin Trust Club plan for you

The colonies of bad and good bacteria living on your skin – the skin microbiome – cover a vital role. They help fight off harmful bacteria, protect your skin, and prevent infections, irritations, and flare-ups.

However, each person’s skin microbiome is like a fingerprint – unique and characterised by certain features and needs. In turn, no two skincare routines will work in the same way for two different people.

So, the first step to take better care of your skin is to know and understand your skin better. With Skin Trust Club’s skin microbiome tests, you can find out more about the composition of the bacteria residing on your skin. After sending your skin test to our in-house labs, you will receive comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports directly on your phone.

Thanks to our team of specialised technicians, we are also able to create a tailored skincare routine that can help you achieve your skin goals – start by finding the best Skin Trust Club plan for you.

Some factors to consider to pick the right plan include:

  • Need to understand your skin microbiome score
  • Type of dermatologic conditions
  • Tendency to flareups, irritation, and breakouts
  • Difficulty to find the right skincare
  • Need for skin health tracking

Whether you have severe acne or eczema breakouts, or you just wish to improve your oily skin – check out the best Skin Trust Club plans below to understand the skin you’re in.

What is the spot check plan?

The Skin Trust Club Spot Check plan is ideal for someone who needs to keep their skin microbiome changes in check. When subscribing to this plan, you will receive two tests – one immediately, and one 3 months after the first. Once you undertake the Skin Trust Club test and activate the kit through our mobile app, you will receive your skin microbiome score within 25-30 days.

Within the report, you will also find personalised skincare suggestions directly on your phone. After three months of following a suitable skincare routine, you can take the second test and find out about improvements and changes in your skin microbiome.

With every test, you will receive:

  • Insights about your skin and your unique microbiome score
  • Personalised skincare suggestions that involve only cruelty-free products that might be beneficial for your skin type
  • An easy-to-understand analysis of the impact of environmental factors on the skin, including UV index and air quality index

What is the skin tracker plan?

The Skin Trust Club Skin Tracker plan is the best option for someone who needs an ongoing skin microbiome check.

This plan might be suitable for you if:

  • you have been struggling with a certain skin condition (such as eczema, acne, or rosacea)
  • you wish to improve your skin’s baseline
  • you find it difficult to find a skincare routine for you

With this plan, you will receive your Skin Trust Club tests every three months, so you can keep your skin microbiome’s score in check throughout the year. Alongside each test’s result, the Skin Trust Club app can help you keep track of your skin health and ensure the products you are using are the most beneficial for your skin microbiome.

Just like the Spot Check plan, every time you take one of the Skin Trust Club’s skin microbiome swab tests you will receive:

  • Insights regarding your skin microbiome and your skin microbiome score
  • Personalised, cruelty-free skincare recommendations for your needs
  • Analysis of the impact of environmental factors on the skin

You can cancel the Skin Tracker Plan at any time.

Take the first step today

At the Skin Trust Club, we believe that understanding our skin microbiome is the first step towards healthier, smoother skin. That is why we have developed an at-home skin microbiome swab test that is analysed by our in-house team of scientists and technicians. Your test results will be delivered through the Skin Trust Club app – so you can start taking care of your skin immediately and with the best products for your skin type. Find the best plan for your needs and order your first Skin Trust Club test today!