Skincare can be a very personal gift to give. It’s hard to know what skin type the recipient has or what products they would enjoy using. We believe that skincare should be personalised and tailored to suit the individual’s skin concerns. So how do we gift skincare without literally asking the recipient what they would like? The best idea is to play it safe with body products or even skincare tools. Here are some of our top recommendations.

Hand Creams

Almost everyone’s hands could do with some love after the last two years of constant hand washing and sanitising. With hand creams we want to see heavy plant oils, butters and even waxes featured to really help prevent moisture loss through the skin. We have less sebaceous glands in the skin on our hands, so we have less protection against moisture loss here.

Aurelia Repair & Brighten Hand Cream contains a pigment complex which has been shown to reduce pigmentation by up to 61%. It would be an excellent choice for someone concerned about age spots on their hands.

L’Occitane Shea Intensive Hand Balm is a must have for dry and chapped hands. Shea butter provides a protective film on the skin and allantoin is a wonderful moisturising ingredient.

Lip Products

Lip balms and masks are the one facial product that you can’t go too wrong with as a gift. Lips are the thinnest skin on our face and dry out so quickly especially as we get into the colder months. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit from a good lip balm!

Our ride or die lip product has always been Kiehl’s Buttermask for lips. Everyone needs one of these in their Christmas stocking. It is formulated to be a mask, but we always advise people to wear it as their lip balm in the winter.

For lip hydration and a gentle kiss of colour Tula’s Lip SOS Hydrating Balm is a perfect stocking filler. Fruit oils and extracts deeply replenish and soften lips while hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and probiotic extracts nourish and provide antioxidant protection.

Body Products

Just as the skin on our faces gets drier as the cold weather comes in so does the skin on the rest of our body! We can hide it under layers of clothes in winter but at some stage it will need to see the light of day again. A gift of a beautiful body butter or lotion will encourage your loved ones to take care of their skin.

Ren Smart AHA Body Serum is a very clever body product. We all know that AHA serums and toners for our face are wonderful gentle exfoliants that resurface our skin giving us a smooth and blemish free complexion. Now Ren are encouraging us to do that for the rest of our body. This body serum goes on silky smooth, smells gently citrusy and gets amazing results.

It’s a great gift for your friend who has a sun holiday coming up.

Gallinee Probiotic Body Milk is the perfect stocking filler for your friend who struggles with skin issues. As with all Gallinee’s products it is wonderfully gentle and contains probiotics which help maintain your skin’s microbiome as well as hydrating and protecting the skin.

Foot Creams

Do you have a friend who has been busy working in retail this holiday season or a party bunny who will be giving it socks on the dancefloor? Give them a present for their hard working feet!

Patchology Mistletoes Holiday Kit contains a foot peel and a mask. The AHA and BHA based peel will  brighten and exfoliate the feet while the mask is self-warming for utter relaxation and hydration for the feet.

Reusable Cleansing Pads

The days of disposable cleansing pads are long gone and there is so much more choice for environmentally friendly options. We love the Eco Essentials Cleansing Pads from Holos. Made with bamboo and cotton, they come in a handy little drawstring bag that you can pop them into the washing machine in.

Skin Trust Club

For you or your friend who wants to understand your skin better and get expert advice on what products you should be using, sign up for a Skin Trust Club plan. You can book recurring skin microbiome tests, learn more about the changes in your skin and receive tailored suggestions for your skincare routine. It takes the guesswork out of creating the best routine for your specific skin type.