Fancy getting your skin High? Hempseed-infused products are booming, with the hemp and CBD category expected to reach an estimated $2.2 billion by 2024.

One of the leading brands in this sector is our new brand partner, High Beauty.

Becoming a pioneering first in their field, here we give you a background check on our latest newcomer to have on your radar.

High BeautyHempseed Oil

The American-founded brand is one of the first to formulate a skincare line focusing on hempseed oil. Delivering high-performing products that are cruelty-free, organic, and vegan.

High Beauty’s seed was planted by Melissa Jochim, a renowned natural beauty formulator with over 30 years of industry experience under her belt.

After studying science and becoming infatuated with essential oils, Melissa came to realise the power of hemp seed oil. The one hero ingredient that has become a muse for her skincare line. 

High Beauty New Partner

It’s often confused and likened with its well-known relative Cannabidoil (CBD) oil, which is extracted from the flowers, leaves and stem of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Hempseed oil however, is different. It’s taken from the seeds and contains fewer cannabinoids compared to CBD.

Both are unlikely to get you high due to their low percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol – the substance that has an effect on the brain. But, hempseed offers an even lower percentage. 

CBD oil is known for its anxiety-reducing properties, whereas hempseed oil is super-rich in vitamins, minerals and omegas – with 25 times more than olive oil – making it a skin-boosting ingredient.

High Beauty

It’s attracted attention in recent years, with everything from hemp milk to hemp oil popping up on the market.

And it’s no surprise that it’s shaken up the skincare world, thanks to its abundance of natural richness. Hemp is packed with nutrients and a great source of essential fatty acids by containing all twenty amino acids. 

To add to its already bursting benefits, Melissa uses cannabinoids, bioflavonoids – known for enhancing the action of vitamin C – and terpenes to replicate the whole plant benefits of hemp. This formulation makes it even more effective and is referred to as the brand’s “special sauce”. 

Plus, it’s a match for most skin types and skin conditions due to its numerous, scientifically proven results.

Clean Beauty

Various past studies have shown hempseed oil to improve common skin concerns such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, due to its healing properties.

The plant’s seeds are packed with polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), including omega-3s and omega-6s which are critical role to skin function and appearance.

Fatty acids are a multi-tasking defender. They boost hydration, strengthen the skin barrier and support your microbiome to block out irritants. This makes hemp, with its uber helpful proteins, a reliable ingredient for tackling numerous skin conditions, reducing inflammation and fighting blemish-forming-bacteria. 

It’s also been dubbed an anti-ageing champion, due to its high dose of antioxidants including vitamin A, C, E and F. Win-win.

High Beauty Hempseed oil

Prone to break-outs? Or already have your Skin Trust Club results and discovered that you are on the oily side? Then you are likely hesitant to purchase oil based products. We get that. But, hempseed oil actually partners well with acne-producing bacteria.

It’s moisturising without clogging pores and regulates oil production – great for acneic skin types – as well as having antibacterial properties.  As an anti-inflammatory, it works wonders on redness, too. Overall, it’s been hailed a go-to for those who want to tackle break-outs, dullness or signs of ageing.

But, understanding what works for your skin is a result of getting to know your skin microbiome. Discover the exact level of oily to dryness with our at-home skin test and find a suitable regime to target your skin needs. Order a free test kit today and find out what High Beauty products suit you.

High Beauty Hempseed Oil

The omegas are the building blocks behind healthy skin. They strengthen the skin barrier and improve skin recovery from break-outs, flare-ups and pigmentation.

Adopting a skincare regime that is packed with omegas helps maintain a well-balanced level of fatty acids, which are essential to the functioning of skin, along with sebum and ceramides.

Together they make up the skin’s lipids. The natural fats that lock in water and moisture, creating a super seal to bounce away the bad stuff.

microbiome skincare

When the skin barrier is airtight and happy, anything that comes along with the potential to disrupt the microbiome will not stand a chance. As the barrier has the nutrients and proteins needed to protect the skin and microbiome. 

Ingredients with an antimicrobial effect are not always microbiome-friendly. But, this is only in relatively large volumes. In skincare products, the percentage is much lower, therefore enough to reduce inflammation without harming your skin’s ecosystem.

Find out more about Skin Trust Club, High Beauty and the role of the skin microbiome, by tuning in to our Instagram Live on Wednesday 13th July at 10pm BST.


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