With the seal of approval from actress Carey Mulligan and products lining shelves in 30 countries across the globe, Meder Beauty is worth having on your radar.

The dermatology-led, doctor-formulated skincare line delivers gentle heavy-hitters centred around one key focus: the skin microbiome.

What’s the skin microbiome you ask? It’s your invisible-in-plain-sight, skin ecosystem made up of trillions of microorganisms, working together to shield the body from potential infections.

With this intricate network at the helm of Meder, the microflora-protective brand founded by cardiologist-turned-dermatologist Dr Tiina Orsasme, has cherry-picked ingredients that ensure efficacy without blitzing your skin’s resident bacteria.


Backed by science, this shared microbiome-first-policy with Skin Trust Club has united our bacteria–boosting goals. As a result, Meder Beauty is the first dermatology-backed brand to join Skin Trust Club’s roster.

With 20 microbiome-approved partners on Skin Trust Club’s platform, Meder is the first to offer the microbiome-testing tool to its patients, giving customers the chance to check in with their skin before establishing an appropriate routine.

Skin Trust Club provides the test to meet your microbiome and Meder treat it with their kind-to-treats flora products. This is next-level skincare!

“Our approach is to develop skincare which is good both for the skin and for our micro friends. This partnership with Skin Trust Club will enable us to reach more people across the world with more intricate and diverse skin issues and offer bespoke treatments and home care products to help deliver viable results for even severe skin problems”

Dr Tiina Meder.


Skin Trust Club’s knowledge of the microbiome is powered by sister-company Labskin who have the world’s largest microbiome database and 15 years of experience testing products for leading industry companies.

This has grown the understanding of potential skin diseases and ability to identify conditions as the database grows. By understanding the root-cause of skin issues, it’s easier to personalise the solution – through feeding and reducing certain bacteria groups.

“Bringing a Dermatologist onboard was always the next stage of our development, and we see Skin Trust Club as a patient monitoring tool that helps Dermatologists manage their patients’ skin conditions. Meder Beauty will have access to the largest microbiome database in the world, with the ability to compare their patients with others who suffer from similar skin issues,”

Niamh O’Kennedy, Group Marketing Officer at Skin Trust Club.


Skin Trust Club’s at-home skin test is not only an eye–opener for consumers, as they discover the bacteria groups that call their skin home, but it allows brands to monitor their patients progress and adapt routines to suit their needs.

For Skin Trust Club customers, Meder’s cruelty-free and sustainable products will be recommended for those whose skin type requires them.

Its focus on high-grade, plant-based and lab-made active ingredients contribute to its pricier cost. But its formulations ensure safety at all times and are suitable for all-ages, all-year-round – including during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Mastering your microbiome just got even easier with the support of Meder Beauty.

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To celebrate the partnership, Skin Trust Club and Meder Beauty are offering 200 free kits and a 10% discount on all Meder products with code MEDER. To claim your free kit, visit the Skin Trust Club page on the Meder Beauty Website and use code MEDER.