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Do you know what type of skin you have? Or what skincare products work best for your skin? Skin Trust Club empowers you with the knowledge to understand

your skin for truly personalised skin health. Starting with a simple at-home test, the Skin Health Tracking app monitors and tracks your skin health and suggests the best cruelty-free products for your skin type.

Taking Care Of Your Skin And Your Skincare Routine.

Your skin microbiome is unique to you. A simple at-home skin swab kit reveals your skin microbiome, starting your journey to better skin health.

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Insights about your skin including how it’s impacted by your environment and ways to improve your skin health.

Skincare Suggestions

Skincare routines with animal cruelty-free products that complement your skin type and skin microbiome.

Advanced Technology

Microbiome Score

At Skin Trust Club, we use a combination of advanced sequencing technologies, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence algorithms to estimate your microbiome balance score. By mapping your unique skin microbiome we can tell you the microbiome composition of your skin, providing a clear picture of your skin health and a path to creating a skincare routine that fits your lifestyle.

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A skin health tracking app that helps you create the perfect skincare routine. Get key insights about your skin including environmental factors and ways to improve your skin health.

  • Simple skin swab, genome sequenced

  • Skin microbiome balance established

  • Skin microbes identified

  • Skin type identified (oily, dry, sensitive)

  • Environment and pollution tracked

  • Personalised skincare routine recommended

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Skin Trust Club has just opened its doors! Get started today to be amongst the first wave to have your skin microbiome mapped!

“Consultants and questionnaires cannot define your skin type. Only a skin microbiome test can truly show you the complete picture of your skin health.”

Dr. David Caballero-Lima

Labskin/Skin Trust Club

Skin Health Tracking

A skin health tracking app that helps you understand your skin and your skincare routine.
  • Order your simple skin swab test

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  • Understand your skin microbiome score

  • Access personalised skincare recommendations

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