We’ve been testing industry skincare products for 14 years

Today Skin Trust Club gives everyone the opportunity to understand their unique skin microbiome, track their skin health, follow personalised skincare routines, and to make informed decisions about skincare and cosmetic products.

We aim to help people find skincare routines that fit their lifestyles. We don’t do miracle cures. Instead, we focus on driving innovation and empowering people with the knowledge to know their skin.

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State of the Art Laboratory Facilities

We have a team of highly skilled scientists. We operate in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities with the latest hi-tech equipment.

Cross-platform software expertise in applications across enterprise, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and IT operations.

Human skin microbiology services supporting product R&D activities in the cosmetic, personal care, medical device and pharmaceutical sectors.

Advanced Sequencing, Bioinformatics and AI Algorithms

Skin Trust Club uses advanced technologies to provide a complete profile of your skin microbiome.

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Proven Science available through Skin Trust Club.

Labskin Science

Labskin scientists bring their combined knowledge to the Skin Trust Club, using our pioneering skin microbiome testing and tracking platform, and the most advanced technologies available to our industry, to create a hub of intelligence and innovation.

Skin Trust Club

Skin Trust Club technology delivers personalised skin health reports and skincare routines based on genome sequencing, location data, UV count, weather and air pollution.

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“At Skin Trust Club, we use a combination of advanced Sequencing technologies, Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to estimate your microbiome balance score.”

Dr. David Caballero-Lima

Labskin / Skin Trust Club

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Skin Health Tracking

A skin health tracking app that helps you understand your skin and your skincare routine.
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